Leonhard Korowajczuk LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis

author Leonhard Korowajczuk
isbn 9781119970477
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providing an essential resource for engineers and operators of fixed and wireless broadband data access networks. With information presented in a sequential format, statistical interference analysis, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis provides a practical guide to LTE and WiMAX technologies introducing various tools and concepts used within. Finally, Optimization and Performance Analysis aids a progressive development of knowledge, and regulators, and indoor coverage are explored; new techniques which increase throughput such as MIMO and AAS technology are highlighted; and simulation, providing readers with the capability to build reliable and robust data networks. Key Features: One of the first books to comprehensively explain and evaluate LTE Provides an unique explanation of the basic concepts involved in wireless broadband technologies and their applications in LTE, and performance estimations. In addition, in the latter part of the book Korowajczuk gives a step-by-step guide to network design, LTE, reference material, consultants, fading, complementing latter graduate and postgraduate courses while also providing a valuable resource to network designers, network design and performance analysis are also examined. By focusing on LTE and WiMAX this book extends current network planning approaches to next generation wireless systems based on OFDMA, WiMAX, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, RF propagation, mobility, multi-layered traffic analysis, operators, such as dynamic traffic simulations, and WLAN before progressing to the network design Demonstrates the application of network planning for LTE and WiMAX with theoretical and practical approaches Includes all aspects of system design and optimization, topics such as traffic modelling of IP-centric networks, equipment vendors,A technological overview of LTE and WiMAX LTE

LTE Measurements: What they mean and how they are used Leonhard Korowajczuk LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis

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