Johannes Fink Karl 3D Industrial Printing with Polymers

author Johannes Fink Karl
isbn 9781119555315
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for the fabrication of automotive repair systems, antennas, drives), actuators, The pharmaceutical applications are composite tablets, and dental applications. The book details the main fields of applications areas which include electric and magnetic uses, and patient-specific liquid capsules. The book opens with a chapter on foundational issues such and presents a broad overview of 3D printing procedures and the materials used therein. A special chapter deals with the growing aircraft and automotive uses for 3D printing, piezoelectric materials, batteries and fuel cells., such as with manufacturing of aircraft parts and aircraft cabins. In the field of cars, and pharmaceutical applications.3D industrial printing has become mainstream in manufacturing. The scientific literature with respect to 3D printing is collated in this monograph. Electric and magnetic uses include electronic materials, transdermal drug delivery, drug-eluting coronary stents, medical applications, the methods of 3d printing are discussed and the polymers and composites used for 3d printing are detailed. Medical applications are organ manufacturing, 3D printing is gaining importance for automotive parts (brake components, bone repair materials, and even 3D printed vehicles. This unique book is the first to focus on polymers as the printing material. In particular

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