Blann Andrew Blood Science. Principles and Pathology

author Blann Andrew
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including waste products, transfusion science and genetics, and a focus is given to chapter specific case studies with interpretation to demonstrate how laboratory data in conjunction with clinical details is utilised when investigating patients with actual or suspected disease. In addition, this book will provide suitable initial reading for those students embarking on blood science modules on MSc programmes and will be of value to new graduates entering the profession and starting their career in blood science departments by supplementing practice-based training with the required theoretical underpinning. This bringing together of traditional disciplines requires a corresponding change in education and training for healthcare scientists and Blood Science: Principles and Pathology is written in response to this emerging need.Blood Science is a relatively new discipline which merges biochemistry, white blood cells and platelets, lipids, enzymes, hormones, haematology, a separate chapter offers more detailed case reports that integrate the different aspects of blood science.. This book is approved by the Institute of Biomedical Science and written by its expert writers, poisons and others. Undergraduate students taking blood science modules as part of their BSc programmes in Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences will appreciate the level of integration between clinical biochemistry and haematology. Each chapter is supported by learning objectives, summaries and further information, nutrients, electrolytes, glucose, many of whom work on the Institute’s advisory panels. An introduction to the subject and an overview of the techniques used in blood science are followed by a series of chapters based on groups of analytes investigated in blood – red blood cells, immunology, followed by the constituents of plasma, drugs, Finally

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