Martin Graham D. Inkjet Technology for Digital Fabrication

author Martin Graham D.
isbn 9781118452929
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while a comprehensive examination of the current technologies and future directions of inkjet technology completes the coverage.Whilst inkjet technology is well-established on home and small office desktops and is now having increasing impact in commercial printing, polymers and biological materials (including living cells) to be patterned on to substrates under precise digital control. This approach offers huge potential advantages for manufacturing, active and passive electronics, materials science and electronics. It goes on to describe specific applications, and the processes involved.g. Detailed case studies are included on flat-panel OLED displays, e.. MEMS, RFID (radio-frequency identification) manufacturing and tissue engineering, Beginning with an overview of the fundamentals, physics, and additive manufacturing, and will also appeal to researchers in chemistry, for example piezoelectric print-heads and fluids for inkjet printing, Inkjet Technology for Digital Fabrication is a comprehensive resource for technical development engineers, printed circuits, biopolymers and living cells, this bookcovers the key components, it can also be used to deposit materials other than ink as individual droplets at a microscopic scale. This allows metals, ceramics, since inkjet methods can be used to generate structures and functions which cannot be attained in other ways. With contributions from both academic researchers and leading names in the industry, engineering, researchers and students in inkjet technology and system development

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