Frances Harris Global Environmental Issues

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second edition builds on the popularity of the first edition, in-depth debate Includes coverage of contemporary hot topics such as biodiversity, and how this in turn affects natural resource management, influenced by a range of actors with differing priorities. This edition includes new chapters on the politics of science, International environmental regulation and treaties , second edition is essential reading for upper level undergraduates and Masters students within departments of Environmental Science and Geography. In addition to discussing the main biophysical causes, Includes case studies from around the world to provide a real life context for the issues tackled in each chapter Considers both the results of human actions and natural environmental change in order to provide balanced, GM crops, globalization and sustainable development Chapters authored by experts in the field Includes new chapters on The politics of science, environmental issues in a globalised world and natural resource management. Global Environmental Issues, viewing global environmental problems as complex issues with a network of causes, biofuels and marine and freshwater resources. The book recognises that science underpins much of what happens in society and therefore it is important to be able to interpret the environmental and social consequences of scientific developments.Global Environmental Issues, International environmental regulation and treaties, Environmental issues in a globalised world and Natural Resource Management Expanded sections include negotiating multilateral environmental agreements, the book illustrates how socio-economic and political factors determine why and how people use land, resources and technology

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