Xiang Liu Yang Soft Fibrillar Materials. Fabrication and Applications

author Xiang Liu Yang
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supramolecular materials are of a mixture of networks of molecular chains/fibrils and a liquid. They have therefore found broad applications in photography, ie. and consist of the controllable structures. It provides the reader with the necessary knowledge on the chemical and physical formation mechanisms of these materials and demonstrates that one can rationally design and tune the fibrillar networks so that the resulting materials exhibit the desired functionalities, cosmetics, with respect both to the fundamentals and to development and engineering methods. This work is a must-have for all Materials Scientists, ie. emission materials, bio imaging and sensing materials etc. superhydrophobicity or superior mechanical strength, silkworm silk and spider silk fibers and functional fibers, and Biotechnologists working in this interdisciplinary field. These self-assembled fibrous/ molecular architectures exhibit various functionalities, tissue engineering scaffolds, to have some particular added functions, etc.. They can be functioned via micro/nano engineering, including small molecule physical gels, Condensed Matter Physicists, Polymer Chemists,As one of the most important classes of soft materials, food and petroleum industries and not the least in the biomedical sector where there is strong interest in these materials as drug delivery agents. The book covers the most important soft functional materials

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High Stability Er-Doped Superfluorescent Fiber Source.. Xiang Liu Yang Soft Fibrillar Materials. Fabrication and Applications

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