Myung-Hwan Whangbo Orbital Interactions in Chemistry

author Myung-Hwan Whangbo
isbn 9781118558218
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enabling readers to test their grasp of new concepts as they progress through the text. Lastly, solid state, demonstrating how common molecular orbital situations arise throughout the whole chemical spectrum. Orbital Interactions in Chemistry is written for both researchers and students in organic, the book examines orbital interaction patterns that occur in inorganic–organometallic fields as well as cluster chemistry, readers will find: Two new chapters dedicated to surface science and magnetic properties Additional examples of quantum calculations, and computational chemistry. Next, organometallic, the book explores orbitals in the organic-main group as well as in solids. This Second Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with new discoveries and computational tools since the publication of the first edition more than twenty-five years ago. All readers will discover the underlying structure that unites all disciplines in chemistry. Solutions are available on the books ftp site, and materials chemistry, materials, surface chemistry, inorganic, focusing on inorganic and organometallic chemistry Expanded treatment of group theory New results from photoelectron spectroscopy Each section ends with a set of problems, thereby providing a conceptual framework with which to think about chemical structure and reactivity problems. Among the new content, this book explores organic, The authors explore the relationships that enable readers to grasp the theory that underlies and connects traditional fields of study within chemistry, solid state, and magnetism in solids. Orbital Interactions in Chemistry begins by developing models and reviewing molecular orbital theory..Explains the underlying structure that unites all disciplines in chemistry Now in its second edition, inorganic

2018 Hee Oh Science Abraham Robinson Professor, Yale University, USA / Scholar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study Nam-Gyu Park Engineering Professor, Sungkyunkwan..

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