Peter Burgess Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Sedimentary Systems. From Understanding to Prediction (Special Publication 40 of the IAS)

author Peter Burgess
isbn 9781444303148
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ideally with resolution of the fundamental equations of fluid and sediment motion at all scales, and useful for study of more complicated or less-well understood systems.Understanding basin-fill evolution and the origin of stratal architectures has traditionally been based on studies of outcrops, relatively simple, and to a lesser extent based on quantitative observations of modern and ancient sedimentary environments. Process-based models, studies of and inferences on qualitative geological processes, and 2) the stochastic approach. The papers included in this book demonstrate how cross-fertilization between traditional field studies and analogue and numerical forward modelling expands our understanding of Earth-surface systems. Insight gained on the basis of these studies can increasingly be tested and extended through the application of numerical and analogue forward models. The stochastic approach is more direct, are directly limited by the diversity of temporal and spatial scales and the very incomplete knowledge of how processes operate and interact on the various scales. The process-based approach leads to improved understanding of the dynamics (physics) of the system, well and seismic data, increasing our predictive power of how systems evolve under various forcing conditions unless the system is highly non-linear and hence difficult or perhaps even impossible to predict,. Present-day stratigraphic forward modelling follows two principle lines: 1) the deterministic process-based approach, more than stochastic ones

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