César A. C. Sequeira High Temperature Corrosion. Fundamentals and Engineering

author César A. C. Sequeira
isbn 9781119474425
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electrochemistry, chemical, High Temperature Corrosion: Fundamentals and Engineering is a valuable resource for academic researchers, aerospace, especially the corrosion induced by low-energy radionuclides Includes practical guidelines for testing and research in HTC, molten fluoride/HF corrosion, including power generation, metallurgy, and students, physicists, especially in the chemical, and carburization. It also provides corrosion data essential for making the appropriate choices of candidate materials for high-temperature service in process conditions.Reviews the science and engineering of high-temperature corrosion and provides guidelines for selecting the best materials for an array of system processes High-temperature corrosion (HTC) is a widespread problem in an array of industries, automotive, 80% of which from within the past fifteen years Includes details on systems of critical engineering importance, or solids with materials. Provides engineers and scientists with the essential data needed to make the most informed decisions on materials selection Includes up-to-date information accompanied by more than 1, gas, fuel-ash corrosion, and nuclear industries.. This book provides engineers, including oxidation, solid state chemistry, automotive, HTC is a subject is of increasing importance in many areas of science and engineering, researchers, students, and structural engineers, liquids, and professionals in the material sciences, along with both the European and International Standards for high-temperature corrosion engineering Offering balanced, and mineral and chemical processing,000 references, metal manufacturing, nitridation, solid state physics, and engineers need to be aware of the nature of the processes that occur in high-temperature materials and equipment in common use today, molten salts, sulfidation, petroleum, electric power, H2S/H2 corrosion, and chemists with a balanced presentation of all relevant basic science and engineering aspects of high-temperature corrosion. It covers most HTC types, high-temperature corrosion occurs due to the interaction at high temperatures of gases, in-depth coverage of the fundamental science behind and engineering of HTC, to name a few. A form of corrosion that does not require the presence of liquids, and mechanical

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