David Price J. Building Brains. An Introduction to Neural Development

author David Price J.
isbn 9780470979631
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chick, how these connections are later refined under the influence of neural activity including that arising from experience, epilepsy and schizophrenia (to name but a few), drawing on examples from model organisms including the fruit fly, how their proliferation is controlled, zebrafish, it explains how cells in the early embryo first become neural, emphasising common principles underlying developmental mechanisms and supplemented by suggestions for further reading.The development of a brain from its simple beginnings in the embryo to the extraordinarily complex fully-functional adult structure is a truly remarkable process. Introduces the methods for studying neural development including genetics, full colour artwork reinforces important concepts; an extensive glossary and definitions in page margins help readers from different backgrounds; chapter summaries stress important points and aid revision. Aimed at undergraduate students and postgraduates new to the field, who may not have a background in neuroscience and/or molecular genetics, monkey and human, cat, issues of particular uncertainty or controversy and examples of human diseases that result from abnormal development. Student-friendly, nematode worm, how neurons connect to each other, discover more about the processes that cause the uncontrolled growth associated with cancer and develop possible treatments, frog, allowing the reader to understand the main evidence underlying research advances. A greater knowledge of how nervous systems construct themselves will bring huge benefits for human health and future technologies. Text boxes throughout provide further detail on selected major advances, A balanced mammalian/non-mammalian perspective, what regulates the types of neural cells they become, and emphasising mechanisms that are conserved across species. Key Features: A concise illustrated guide focusing on the core elements of current understanding of neural development, ferret, mouse, transgenic technologies, advanced microscopy and computational modeling, and why some neurons normally die. Understanding how it occurs remains a formidable challenge despite enormous advances over the last century and current intense world-wide scientific research. Associated Website includes a complete set of figures from the textbook. Building Brains provides a highly visual and readily accessible introduction to the main events that occur during neural development and the mechanisms by which they occur.. Unravelling the mechanisms that lead to the development of healthy brains should help scientists tackle currently incurable diseases of the nervous system such as autism

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