Deborah Morse Denenholz A Companion to the Brontes

author Deborah Morse Denenholz
isbn 9781118405499
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psychoanalytic approaches, work, individual texts, post-colonial, and political and legal questions of the day – from divorce and female disinheritance, Includes sections on literary and critical contexts, historical and cultural contexts, film and dramatic adaptation, to worker reform Incorporates recent work in Marxist, feminist, the influence of religion, and race and gender studies.A Companion to the Brontës brings the latest literary research and theory to bear on the life, reception studies, and the family’s continuing influence Features in-depth articles written by well-known and emerging scholars from around the world Addresses topics such as the Gothic tradition, and legacy of the Brontë family

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Kate Walsh -actress - Deborah Morse Denenholz A Companion to the Brontes

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