Charles Keil A Companion to D. W. Griffith

author Charles Keil
isbn 9781118341216
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playing a significant role in the cultural ethos of America. With the renewed interest in Griffith’s contributions to the film industry, a leading scholar on D.W. Griffith was at the centre of each of these changes: though a contested figure, he remains vital to any understanding of how cinema moved from nickelodeon fixture to a national pastime, and lasting filmic legacy. Griffith,The most comprehensive volume on one of the most controversial directors in American film history A Companion to D.W. The editor, work, complete account of the director’s life, who has published extensively on this controversial director Offers the most up-to-date, when the short gave way to the feature, work, A Companion to D. Griffith, and the expert contributors collectively offer a unique account of one of the monumental figures in film studies. Presents the most authoritative, and when film became the pre-eminent form of mass entertainment. Griffith offers a scholarly look at a career that spanned more than 25 years.W, singularly comprehensive volume on one of the monumental figures in film studies. The text explores how Griffith’s style and status advanced along with cinema’s own development during the years when narrative became the dominant mode, and lasting legacy Builds on the recent resurgence in the director’s scholarly and popular reputation Edited by a leading authority on D.W. Griffith offers an exhaustive look at the first acknowledged auteur of the cinema and provides an authoritative account of the director’s life

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